Dan Rosa

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dan’s experience is in the fields of public policy and international development related to the energy sector. At the law firm of K&L Gates, he researched, wrote and covered congressional developments for energy sector clients. Before Oolu, he researched off-grid solar models in South Asia and West Africa and lived in a village in rural Senegal. Mr. Rosa speaks English and French. He graduated from American University with a BA in International Relations and is a graduate of YCombinator, rated the best business accelerator in the world.


Nilmi Senaratna

Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Nilmi has spent the last 7 years working on development projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Before building Oolu, she worked in the non-profit, development aid and multinational sectors. For NGOs, she implemented community-based health, energy, business, and poverty alleviation programs. And at CIDA and UNEP headquarters, she contributed to high level policy work in the environment sector and published two books related to climate change. She has lived and worked in rural and urban regions in India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Gambia, Senegal and Mali and speaks English, French, Sinhalese, and basic Wolof. Nilmi has a BS and MES from Western University Canada in collaboration with the Ivey Business School and is a graduate of YCombinator, rated the best business accelerator in the world.


Vincenzo Capogna

Chief Technical Officer

Vincenzo is an electrical engineer and the former Manager of the Innovation Programme for SunnyMoney, the largest distributor of portable solar products in sub-Saharan Africa. He has started and led projects integrating mobile-money payments and mobile applications in solar PayG systems. Vincenzo has a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza and a Master in Sustainable Energy Engineering and Entrepreneurship from KTH (Sweden) and UPC (Spain). Vincenzo has a combination of technical skills relating to solar product design and manufacture, and business development experience in Africa, having run trials in Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. He speaks English, French and Italian.


Momar Ndiaye

Country Manager: Senegal

Momar Ndiaye is Oolu’s Senegal Country Manager. He is the former CFO of Postefinance (Senegal logistics company and commercial and residential financier), former DAF at Wari (largest mobile payment company in region) and former joint DG at Pamecas (second largest MFI in Senegal, 700,000 clients including across rural regions). Momar has built two big companies in Senegal from the ground up (Postefinance and Wari) and turned around a third (Pamecas). His academic background is in accounting, corporate finance, professional expertise is managing portfolio risk in the banking sector, designing models to scale nationally and internationally, and motivating big teams. Momar speaks English, French and Wolof.