Regional Team Biographies


Ousmane Maiga

Country Representative: Mali

Ousmane Maiga is Oolu’s Country Representative in Mali. His academic and professional background is in finance and accounting and he has extensive experience in motivating big teams. Maiga has over 15 years of experience in rural regions in Mali working for some of the world’s largest distribution companies like Bramali, Coca Cola and British American Tobacco. He made his mark in the solar industry through NOTs Impact Enterprises, the largest sellers of solar lights and home systems in the region. He speaks French, English, Bambara et Sonhai.


Marieme Ba

Country Representative: Senegal

Marieme Ba is the Country Representative in Senegal. Trained in the sector in France, she has over 6 years experience in a management role promoting some of the largest brands in West Africa. She began her career at Tigo Senegal (second largest telecom brand), moving to Harvas Media Senegal focusing on market penetration and expansion and finally was recruited as the lead sales and marketing manager for INASEN overseeing teams selling Jongue products (one of the largest brands in the region) in over 5 countries in West Africa.

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Henriette Diop Sall

Internal Controller

Henriette Diop is the Internal Controller at Oolu.  She holds a Masters in Internal Control and Auditing from ICOGES (Institut de Commerce et de Gestion) as well as a Masters in Economics and Management from the University Paris 8 in France. Henriette brings more than 10 years of progressive auditing experience to Oolu, and was previously Head of the Management and Auditing Department at Postefinances. During her time with Postefinances, Henriette lead operational expenditure management, developed company compliance procedures. She speaks French and Wolof.


Michael Malcorps

Director of Supply Chain

Michael is the Head of Supply Chain at Oolu. Before joining the company, Michael worked for 4 years at Riaktr, a fast-growing startup where he worked on software development, marketing, technical sales and project management, using data analytics to influence high-level decision making in the telecom industry. He worked with stakeholders and teams across West Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Michael is fluent in English, French and Dutch and graduated with a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Business Engineering from the Louvain School of Management with a focus on Supply Chain & Logistics and a Master's degree in International Management from CEMS/NUS in Singapore. 


Thebean Gilfillian

Director of Finance and Accounting

Thebean Gilfillian is the Director of Finance and Accounting. Thebean began his career with HSBC working with SME financing and OTC Derivatives before moving to a London-based Merchant Bank where he advised technology sector startups and SME’s on Strategy, M&A and Corporate Finance. Previous to Oolu, Thebean led Advisory Services at a Senegalese family office and managed Finance and Business Development for portfolio companies. Thebean holds a MA (Hons) in Economics from The University of Edinburgh and has passed the first two levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst program.

Laetitia Poelman

Director of Operations

Laetitia is the Director of Operations at Oolu. Prior to Oolu, Laetitia held regional management roles and worked on setting up business units for large NGOs and fast growing social enterprises like Save the Children, One Acre Fund and Doctors without Borders. During her career she focused on analyzing and optimizing processes as well as on software design and implementation in East and West Africa. Laetitia holds a Masters degree in Supply Chain Management from the Rotterdam School of Management and a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School. She is a certified project manager and speaks French, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish

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Bourahima Yameogo

Country Representative: Burkina Faso

Bourahima Yameogo is Oolu’s Country Representative in Burkina Faso. His academic and professional background is in commerce and accounting and he has extensive experience in motivating big teams. Bourahima has over 17 years of experience in strategic level positions in Burkina working for some of the world’s largest distribution companies like Coca Cola and Jumbo. He integrated the solar industry through Yeelen Ba, the largest sellers of solar lights and home systems in the region. He speaks French, Moore, Dioula and basic English.

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Aichatou Ali Mahamane

Country Representative: Niger

Aichatou Ali Mahamane is Oolu’s Country Representative in Niger. She has over 14 years of experience in marketing and was previously the Country Manager at Unilever Niger. Prior to her distribution experience, she made her way up the ladder in the marketing and sales department at the telecom behemoth, Orange, and spent over 6 years at management level motivating large teams. She has a keen interest in social impact and working in the solar industry is a new challenge. She speaks French, Djerma and basic English, Haoussa and Sonrhai.


Beatrice Teixeira

Head of Human Resources Department

Beatrice Teixeira is the Head of Human Resources at Oolu. She is the former HR Manager at SLAT (Senegalese logistics company) and the former top recruiter at PRAXIS (recruiting firm and temp agency). At PRAXIS, she managed interpersonal relationships, has completed trainings in “keeping the peace” at the workplace, has acquired strategic perspective to anticipate hires, has built waitlists for every non-management position and has learned how to optimize employee contract strategy. Bea was also the main force behind hiring the early Wari team in Senegal and she played a major role in revamping and hiring agents at the Wari call center.

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Jacques Birane Seck

Comptable Senior

Jacques Birane Seck is the Senior Accountant at Oolu. He received his DESCAF (Diploma of Higher Studies in Commerce, Administration and Finance) from the Polytechnic School of Dakar (E.S.P. ex ENSUT) - University Cheikh Anta Diop where he also conducted research in microfinance. At Oolu, he leads multinational accounting teams in four countries in West Africa. Prior to Oolu, he worked for five (5) years in an accounting, auditing and consulting firm with various clients in solar energy, construction and health services sectors. Jacques speaks French, Wolof and basic English.