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Oolu is one of the fastest growing off-grid solar companies in West Africa.

Our mission is to provide energy solutions and innovative services which improve the lives of our customers, our communities and our planet.

Our vision is to build a future in which West and Central African citizens have access to clean and affordable energy to power their aspirations.

Our model, developed with local communities, allows us to offer high-quality solar products on an affordable financing plan. We are proud of our after-sales commitment, with replacement parts under warranty and customer service representatives who speak the local languages of our customers.

In Wolof, a national language of Senegal, Oolu means ‘trust’. By building trust with the communities in which we work, we can grow together.

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Oolu is a venture-backed company with a social mission. We build trust with our clients to have a lasting impact in our communities. Our impact focus is on energy access, education, access to information and job creation.

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Oolu’s solar home systems provide households with brighter, more efficient lights and in-home chargers at a small fraction of their standard monthly energy expenditure. We replace dim, low-quality flashlights and lamps with the best technology available. By doing so, we also eliminate the need for rural people to travel kilometers to nearby electrified villages to charge their phones. We believe everyone deserves affordable, reliable energy and that clean energy is the future.
Oolu provides needed quality products and related services which act as a stepping stone to accessing information and connecting people. The ability to charge phones easily and conveniently provides children and families access to the internet, a means to connect with family and friends, and even business and employment opportunities. This is just the beginning. Oolu is committed to connecting people with the fast-paced, ever-changing world around them.
Everyone has a right to education and information. Lighting from Oolu’s distributed solar home systems allows children to study an average of one to two hours longer each night — the single most important advantage in the eyes of our clients.
The renewable energy sector is on the fast-track to becoming one of the largest employers in Africa. Oolu chooses excited and motivated local employees and trains them through the Oolu Training Academy. In a fast-paced and exciting start-up environment, Oolu offers a creative space for thinking outside the box and ensures opportunity to a talented local workforce.


Pure Power.

We partnered with Ford to create the Home Integration System, a first-of-its kind technology allowing the Ford F-150 Lightning™ to power a home in the event of a power outage.


Oolu was founded by Nilmi Senaratna and Daniel Rosa.

Nilmi was inspired after living and working in a rural region in Senegal in 2012. She saw children struggling with energy poverty, many of them studying under the light of a cell phone or with candles. In November 2014, Nilmi and Dan decided to solve the problem by creating Oolu. They bootstrapped initial capital and completed a small proof of concept, living in the village for 6 months to understand the needs of their clients. In 2015 they moved to Silicon Valley, lead Oolu through YCombinator, a Silicon Valley based business accelerator, and raised a seed round from investors. Later that year, with a small team, they completed their first pilot and officially launched the business in the West African region.

Oolu was one of the first firms to successfully scale PAYG solar technology in the West African market. The company has grown from start-up to market leader in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger with operations in Nigeria. In 2021, the company raised US $8.5 M in series B funding led by RP Global, an Austrian-based energy investor.

To date, the company has raised >14M in financing.

As Geoff Ralston, Partner at Y Combinator, said:

Oolu has grown impressively quickly in one of the most unpredictable and difficult markets in the world. Nilmi and Dan have proven that they are smart enough, tough enough, and resilient enough to succeed in a challenging and fast-paced emerging market.


Our Executive Team works to solve complex problems in one of the most challenging environments on the planet. The results are some of the best in the industry. Here’s a look at our executive team:

Dan Rosa

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Nilmi Senaratna

Co-Founder and Strategic Board Advisor

Vincenzo Capogna

Chief Technical Officer — All tech

Momar Ndiaye

Managing Director: Francophone West Africa


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